Winterfest 2009

The Company of the Staple proudly attended the Winterfest medieval fair again this year. As with last year, it was held over the middle weekend of the winter school holidays (18-19 July) at Marsden Park, N Ryde.

We had our little fourteenth century camp set up, demonstrating the sorts of clothes and shoes 14th Century people wore, what they would have eaten, and demonstrating various trades such as leather-working, chape-making, finger-braiding, weaving, and spinning. Also on display was a range of arms and armour, from the militiaman’s akerton coat, pot helm and spear to the knight’s shining armour and deadly longsword.

The highlights of the weekend were the jousting displays and the Full Flight birds of prey. Both were amazing to watch and really added to the overall atmosphere of the event.

Once again people came to experience the fair in even greater numbers, and the entertainment put on by the re-enactment community just gets better and better. We’re already looking forward to next year!

From Winterfest 2009

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Combat of the Thirty – Rowany 2009

Easter 2009, some Company of the Staple members went to the SCA Rowany Festival. We enjoyed a lot of educational workshops, especially from House Abbotsford’s C15th encampment. We also spent many happy hours shopping, especially at the likes of Flaming Gargoyle Pottery, Asa and Contarina’s Small Luxuries and Mainly Medieval.

While we were there, Hugh entered the Combat of the Thirty re-enactment, with Jon and Elden as his small but fearsome retinue. The combat was a great spectacle of chivalry and pageantry, and many French belligerants got a chance to enjoy our hospitality while we waited for their ransoms to be paid in full.

From Rowany 09

Rowany Festival
Rowany Combat of the Thirty 2009
Mainly Medieval
Asa and Contarina’s Small Luxuries
Flaming Gargoyle Pottery

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CotS Website Launch

Welcome! Two years in the making, The Company of the Staple finally has a website. In addition to the main site you see here, we also have a forum and a wiki, linked over on the left.

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