Fish, and ‘Sort-of’ Fish

Fish is delish, and it’s totally period. Salt it, smoke it, fry it, poach it, bake it, make it into a mix for invalids, put it in a coffin (pie).

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Cooking With Ceramics

We predominately use ceramic cooking pots now, except when the size of the event that we’re cooking for absolutely precludes it. (And even then we still use them, we just use bigger iron pots for the main dishes.)

So some helpful tips that we’ve picked up

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Feast for Beginners – Workshop Notes

You’ve probably attended a couple of feasts by now and you’re saying to yourself, “This looks awesome, I really want to run one.” before you commit yourself, I have some advice for you…

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One Less Thing to Hide – Washing Up

When food is cooked on site, and it’s no longer cheese and bread but soups and sauces, a wash up is required. It’s a lot easier to wash up if people aren’t being sent back behind the tents like naughty children, but are instead able to be part of the display, showing a very normal, every day task. Here’s how we learned to include washing the dishes in our display.

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Fun Things to Do with Hoods

Medieval Hoods are great for keeping your head warm. You can wear them in many silly ways and here are some other things you can use them for…

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