Garlic Tart Redaction – Libro di cucina/ Libro per cuoco

CV Garlic tart
Take garlic cloves, peel and boil them.  When they are cooked put them to soak in cold water and then grind them and add saffron, enough fresh cheese, beaten lard, sweet and strong spices and temper the mixture with eggs, add raisins and then make the tart.


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14th Century Curfew

Medieval curfews, also known as “couvre-feu”  or fire covers, are ceramic or iron covers used to keep the embers of the fire overnight.

Some extant example of curfews are

The Medieval Household, Daily Living C.1150-C.1450 has some drawings of fragments found of some ceramic curfews, plus some good history and written descriptions.

British Museum has two potential 14th century curfews but no images of either

Curfew 1 and curfew 2


A French example

No date given except for “lower middle ages”.


A page on the archeology of Villeneuve-d’Ascq says that this is a photo of a 13th century terracotta fire cover

Seems to have been two styles of curfews – one in which the curfew covered the coals completely and one in which the coals were banked up behind it


15th century, beautifully styled couvre-feu

This 19th century book refers to an early 18th century work in which a curfew has been drawn for reference. Again a half bell, presumably because the fire is being bank in a corner.


a much later example, the V&A has a brass fireguard which is from the 17th century


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Mistakes were made

We talk a lot about the dishes that went right, where we tried them out and people say nice things about them and ask for the recipe.

And then people say “oh no I couldn’t do it, I don’t know how to cook”. Well, I didn’t know how to cook before I started cooking for medieval events. I’ll do a blog article about how to go from being unable to boil eggs to cooking on a campfire for 100 people another time. But today I want to talk about the three biggest mistakes I’ve made when trying to make a medieval dish.

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Midwinter Crown 2016 – Subtleties

As part of my ongoing project into subtleties I undertook the subtleties for MidWinter 2016 held in Rowany, and learned a lot about pastry, fondant and dremels along the way…

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Cheese Castle Subtlety

I’ve been on a journey of subtlety making. This is a rendition of the Castle Subtlety in Pleyn Delit which in turn is based on the Forme of Curye’s recipe to make a castle…

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Apple Tart

One of my more popular recipes is the Apple Tart, redacted from Forme of Curye….

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We’re excited about wafers. Our skilled blacksmith Richard, of Keystone Forge, made us a wafer iron based on an extant one and at Rowany Festival, we tried it out…

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