Heidenische küchen (Heathen Cakes)

Heathen cakes are from the 14th German manuscript Ein Buch Von Guter Spise


5*. Heidenische kuchen (Heathen cakes)
Diz heizzent heidenische kuchen. Man sol nemen einen teye und sol (den) dünne breiten und nim ein gesoten fleisch und spec gehacket und epfele und pfeffer und eyer dar in und backe daz und gives hin und versirtez niht.
These are called heathen cakes. One should take a dough and should spread it thin and take a boiled meat and chopped fatty bacon and apples and pepper and eggs therein and bake that and give out and do not damage.


Redaction from Medieval Cookery

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Spinach Tart – Le Menagier de Paris

Good vegetarian dishes are always on my list to find new recipes and try them out. This leafy green and cheese pie from Le Manager De Paris looks like it’ll fit the bill perfectly!

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Campfire Cooking – 20 People for a Lunch Event

Company of the Staple loves to cook. We’ve been having a lunch display since our first event, working our way up from bringing bread, cheeses, and cold cuts, to pre-making tarts and pies, up to cooking our lunch over a fire on the display. We’ve had a lot of practice, and made many mistakes along the way. We’ve also learned a lot by asking about the the mistakes of others.

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Roxy’s Breakfast Egg Tart

This year, as it has for the past three years now, Company of the Staple will be cooking, and feeding 150 people over the course of a weekend event. While talking to the public about the cooking and medieval food. (And many many other things.)

One of the challenges given to me is to find a better way to cook breakfast. Because trying to cook a breakfast for over a hundred people when you only have a campfire and anything that you were able to precook in your residential kitchen, is quite frankly, an absolute nightmare.

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Tart in Ymber Day – Redaction

Another one of our popular recipes, this cheese and onion pie is an excellent vegetarian (as long as they eat eggs) addition to our menus. Also, by cooking it in a pie dish without pastry, it becomes gluten free. So efficiencies all around for cooking.

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Fish, and ‘Sort-of’ Fish

Fish is delish, and it’s totally period. Salt it, smoke it, fry it, poach it, bake it, make it into a mix for invalids, put it in a coffin (pie).

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