Zornhau [Rage/Wrath Strike] - aka Czornhaw

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Zornhau [Rage/Wrath Strike] - aka Czornhaw

Post by Hugh » Tue Aug 28, 2012 11:19 am

Description of the Strike.

Ringeck Says:
Do the Zornhau (wrath strike) with these techniques.
That which cuts from above,
the Zornhau threatens him with the point.

When someone cuts against you from above from their right side, so cut with a strong Zornhau with the long edge from your right shoulder.
Döbringer Says:
When someone strikes at you from above, strike a rage strike [Zornhaw] and draw (or slide?) the point at him, and you shall also step towards the right side. If he notices this, take away from above without fear, be stronger, turn [Wind] against it, and take it down. If he notices this, then go down.


Liechtenauer strikes an upper strike [Oberhaw] from the shoulder, it is called the rage strike [Czornhaw].

When you are angry and raging, then no strike is as ready as this upper strike [Oberhaw] struck from the shoulder at the opponent. That is why Liechtenauer means that when someone strikes an upper strike [Oberhaw] against you, then you shall strike a rage strike [Czornhaw] at him; that is you move quickly in towards him with your point leading.

And you shall not strike at the sword, but at the man himself, to the head or the body anywhere you can. One can also understand the first passage so that when you strike from above with the rage strike [Czornhaw], then you are also using the point of the rage strike.

What to do once you've thrown a Zornhau:

Ringeck Says:
If he is weak in the bind, thrust in with the point along his blade to his face, and threaten to stab him.
If he recognises this,
so lift off above without danger.[/i]

When you thrust after a Zornhau and he becomes aware of the point
and strongly defends against the thrust, twitch your sword up, over and
away from his sword and cut him on the other side of his sword up into
his head.

Another technique from the Zornhau.
Become stronger against
and thrust! If he marks this, take it below.

When you cut in against him with a Zornhau and he defends himself
and holds backs, strong against you in the bind, so become strong again
against him in the bind and push up with the "strong" of the sword
against the “weak" of his sword, and wind your hilt high in front of
your head, and thrust down from above into his face.

Another technique from the Zornhau.
When you use the winding against him and thrust down from above –
as mentioned already – and he pushes up high with the hands and uses
the hilt to defend against your upper thrust, so stand in the winding
and thrust your point downwards between his arms and chest.

A counter to the taking-away.
When you bind strongly against him and he twitches away his sword up
and over your sword and in the bind cuts against you on the other side
of your sword to your head, so bind (strike) strongly with the long edge
in against his head.
Döbringer Says:
If he defends against your point, then go quickly up and over to the other side of his sword.
If he defends against that as well, then be hard and strong in your sword and turn [Wind] quickly and skilfully.
If he defends against your thrust then throw and strike quickly below and you will hit him in the legs. That is you should always try one after the other so that he never has a chance to come to blows himself.

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