Exercises for Learning

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Exercises for Learning

Post by Hugh » Tue Aug 28, 2012 11:40 am

(1) Learning the 5 strikes, 4 guards, 4 openings and 4 displacements [Fünf Hewen, Vier Leger, Vier Blosse, Vier versetzen]

- Person 'A' forms one of the 4 guards: Ochs, Pflug, Alber or Vom tag

- In response, Person 'B' employs a master strike at an opening to break the guard:
- Ochs is broken by Krumphau (or Zwerchau)
- Pflug is broken by Scheilhau
- Vom Tag is broken by Zwerchau (or Scheilhau)
- Alber is broken by Scheitelhau

Note: Stay in constant motion, and finish cutting through to a ward after the first strike.

After this becomes too easy, expand thusly:
(2) 'B' does a 2nd strike, thrust or slice at another opening after breaking 'A' guard. This should help people to think about flowing from one strike to the next, and practise looking for openings, maintaining distance, and using correct footwork.

more to come...

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