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Group to-do list

Post by Elden » Thu Sep 23, 2010 4:16 pm

These are things which don't have their own project thread already

  • * Waxed linen for covering food, pots, etc.
    * Purchase glassware – roman glass makers in the UK?
    * Frying skillet
    *No-dig cooking fire setup - Richard made us a fire box in early 2012.
  • * Remake shade fly / shop stall - New shade fly built, though still needs a few hems finished
    * Minting coins (pewter or silver) – need die sets from the UK and pewter blanks from Melbourne.
  • * Addition of pole arms to our arms/armour display
    * Armour and weapon racks for display. Ideally design legal in Victoria. Added to display in time for event season 2012 (inc. 2 weapon racks for on the field, and one for display)
    * Make up a display board ‘from sheep to garment’, also linen and silk
    * Explore printing recipes to complement our food & dining display.

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Re: Group to-do list

Post by Hugh » Tue Apr 09, 2013 11:48 am

Reviving this thread, as there are a few old outstanding items, a few new items to add, and a whole lot that we've achieved since this thread began (and was promptly forgotten). I've struck off the finished items from the original list, and here's my additions:

* More waxed linen covers. The few we have are awesome.
* More vessels for liquids (two at least for cooking oil & detergent)
* Sheathes to go with group knives that Richard has been making
* Chest/boxes/baskets for kitchen storage

* Bellows
* Trivets (to go with firebox)
* Better buckets. Our pine buckets are ok but oak buckets with thinner walls would be awesome.
* Forged tent pegs for newest shade fly

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