Charles V Coronation Guest Gown

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Charles V Coronation Guest Gown

Post by Elden » Mon Oct 08, 2012 8:59 pm

I'm working on a gown such as those worn by the guests at the coronation of Charles V of France. The gown was made for me by Contarina Casagrande and I am furring it with white rabbit and working the buttons and buttonholes. The gown is made from heavy mulberry coloured wool, hand finished with silk facings and flat fell seams.

MS Cotton Tiberius viii - the reference for the project


A count/estimate of the buttons on the gowns as drawn ranges between 22 and 34 from neck to ankle. The buttons seem to have about 50% coverage, the space between each button being about the size of an additional button, unlike many tight sleeves which have no space between buttons at all. My gown is 152cm down the front closure and my test buttons are ~2.5cm, giving 30-31 buttons, which is spot on within estimates.

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