Brewing Small Cider

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Brewing Small Cider

Post by Hugh » Mon Mar 18, 2013 2:17 pm

Due to a wonderful set of circumstances, I've got a few boxes of apples and a juicer - so I'm going to attempt to make cider properly. Thanks to Andrew McKinnon for his generous donation of apples, and Elden & Rox for the loan of their juicer.

Step 1: chop apples so they fit into the juicer. I've removed core during chopping, but think I can juice them at the end if I want more juice.

Step 2: Juice the apples. I juiced 30-40 or so last night. Yield is 750mL juice and 225mL foam from every 10 apples. Not sure whether to keep the foam, so for now I'm skimming it and storing separately. For now I'll assume it gets left out. Tonight I'll be juicing the remaining apples.

The Apples
1 box Granny Smith apples
1 box mixed pink lady & royal gala
+ about a dozen red delicious apples

I intend to make three brews: 1 green (granny only), 1 red (mix of all the red apples), and 1 mixed (as my brief internet searches suggest it makes tasty cider).

Step 3: Brew the cider.
I'm going to brew in glass for 7-10 days, then bottle into juice bottles. Hoping for 1-2% alcohol and around 30L yield to be consumed over the weekend.
Decisions to make:
- wild yeast (i.e. chance that the apples contain good yeast) vs introduced yeast (from a shop)
- Natural pH or controlled (I'm guessing it'll be too high so would need to add Malic acid). My internet reading recommends starting with 3-3.9 pH for cider.

I'll edit to update this post and add pics after the flurry of activity tonight...

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