Foot wraps and breechcloths

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Foot wraps and breechcloths

Post by Elden » Wed Apr 24, 2013 11:30 am

Hey gang,

I'm on a no-sew kick this week. I've been wrestling with breeches for a while now. Something didn't seem right about our prevailing pattern, especially some art which shows a split in the outside leg seam. No pattern I'd yet tried involved an outside leg seam. I will try to get all sources and logic together into a proper paper, but long story short I know believe C14th breeches had more in common with C13th breech cloths (literlly just nappies) than with the commercial boxer short pattern sold by every vendor. I've now got a pattern which is quickly fitted with drape and pin, has a tiny amount of sewing required and is easily laundered. It ticks all the boxes for matching the iconography and fitting in the developmental lineage between C13th breechcloths and C15th briefs. It's not an original pattern - once i got it made I realised I'd seen it on other websites but it's so odd I never twigged how it worked when I saw it.

Another spot I find myself doing a lot of sewing is hose feet. The feet of my hose, across the toes and under the heels, always wear out long before the rest of the garment. We know they had hose with feet, but also with stirrups, with toe-less feet and with no foot cover at all. The issue with this has been there's no real evidence for socks to cover the difference. Today I saw this article "Why Russian soldiers are finally replacing foot wraps with socks". I'm going to try to make some foot wraps!

See #5 - How to tie Portyanki. This site suggests the Russians adopted the practice from the C17th Dutch which, although unsubstantiated, takes us a lot closer to Calais.

Another page with WWII foot wrap instructions

Thread I started on AA about foot-less hose

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