Rabbit Trimmed Women's Open Hood (14th C)

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Rabbit Trimmed Women's Open Hood (14th C)

Post by Roxy » Sun Aug 18, 2013 2:36 pm

Finally finished trimming my hood with white rabbit fur around the face and around the bottom hem.

Tips for working with Rabbit

Rabbit is very easy to work with, I used an ordinary sewing needle and linen thread to attach the rabbit to the hood.

Using a sharp knife (I used a stanley knife), gently cut through the leather from the back of the piece. I marked the lines with a soft pencil.

Cut away the harder leather bits at the rabbits head and tail, you won't be able to use these bits on the hood.

Rabbit likes to stretch, be gentle.

Hold the rabbit in place with bulldog clips.

For large sections, use the middle of the rabbit, which is the softest part of the fur.

For the face lining, I cut strips of five centremetres until it was just over the length required. I then stitched these bits together (so that the fur was on the inside, stitching leather to leather), clipped it against the hood with bulldog clips, and stitched the fabric so that the leather was being sewn to the edge and when flipped, the fur would be inside the hood. Once the leather was stitched the rabbit was turned so that the fur was showing, and then carfully whipped stitched to the hood.

The bottom hem layer is done by cutting one cm stripes and stitching the leather to the edge, then turning it over and stitching the rabbit edge to the rabbit edge.

References to Fur lined or trimmed hoods

Fashion in the Age of the Black Prince

Manesse Codex has images to open button women's hoods with furing.
http://diglit.ub.uni-heidelberg.de/digl ... e518b739a9

http://larsdatter.com/hoods.htm#women Larsdatter website with other images showing women's hoods.

Hood before fur was added

The hood is clearly a bit too big (I made it bigger and deeper than I would have otherwise done so to allow space for the fur)

Fur hood from front

Photo of hood from the back

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