Papers on medieval economics

Research into various aspects of 14th C life.
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Papers on medieval economics

Post by Louise » Wed Apr 08, 2015 5:48 pm

For general reference, below is a link to a collection of publications and conference papers by Professor John Munro, who was a professor of economics at the University of Toronto. He wrote numerous papers on medieval economics and the effects of that on aspects of life such as the wool trade. ... ves/munro5

Items which look particularly interesting at first glance:
  • Before and After the Black Death: Money, Prices, and Wages in Fourteenth-Century England

    Three Centuries of Luxury Textile Consumption in the Low Countries and England, 1330 - 1570: Trends and Comparisons of Real Values of Woollen Broadcloths (Then and Now)

    The Anti-Red Shift -- to the Dark Side: Colour Changes in Flemish Luxury Woollens, 1300 - 1550

    Builders' Wages in Southern England and the Southern Low Countries, 1346 -1500: A Comparative Study of Trends in and Levels of Real Incomes

    Wool-Price Schedules and the Qualities of English Wools in the Later Middle Ages, ca. 1270 - 1499
Thanks to Karinne for the hot tip.

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