Weight of Armour

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Weight of Armour

Post by Hugh » Wed Jun 19, 2013 7:46 am

Last night while polishing my armour in the lead up to Winterfest, I decided to weigh each piece. In time I'll also add the weight of some extant items for comparison. It will be good to know how mine compares with the originals, and allows us to tell the punters the weight of what I'm carrying on the field. I'd be happy to do the same with other harnesses.

I used a digital luggage scale which hangs the item off it, so it should be very accurate.

Sabaton 440g each (880g the pair)
Greave 1220g each (2.44Kg the pair)
Cuisse 2010g each (4.02Kg the pair)

Fauld 4400g
Breastplate 2650g
Backplate 1940g
Mail skirt & crop top 7000g

Hourglass gauntlets 610g each (1220g the pair)
Medieval shoppe gauntlets 800g each (1600g the pair)
Vambrace (Lower canon) 1300g each (2.6Kg the pair)
Spaulder (Upper canon) 1030g each (2.06Kg the pair)

Helm with aventail 5700g

Total Weight (Red Hart Harness) = 34.91Kg
Total Weight with Medieval Shoppe gauntlets = 35.29Kg (because Red Hart gauntlets are in pieces after each tournament - hopefully to be fixed with some mods)

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