List of C14th Re-enactment Groups

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List of C14th Re-enactment Groups

Post by Elden » Wed Aug 19, 2009 11:02 pm

I'm only just getting started with this. Please add more. Try to maintain a consistent format with listings.


Portray: Konigsburg, 1350-1400
Located: Melbourne, Australia

Eslite d'Corps
Portray: England, 1340-1380
Located: Australia, Based in Brisbane?

Leongatha Medieval Society
Portray: A free company of the English army, 1346-1400
Located: Leongatha, Vic, Australia

The White Company
Portray: The White Company, 1346-1394
Located:Melbourne, Australia

Knights Order of Lion Rampant
Portray: Western and Central European Nobility in the closing years of the fourteenth century
Located: Brisbane, Australia

Knights of the Empire Germanica
Portray:Germanic nobility, 1360-1410
Based: Brisbane, Australia

Midgard Town Militia
Portray: Town militia, 1370-1430
Located: Brisbane?

The Company of the Phoenix
Portray:European Free Company, 1350-1450
Located: Brisbane, Australia

Enterprise of the Black Garter
Portray: Focus is on hosting Formal Hastiludes (Deed of Arms)
Located: Melbourne, Vic, Australia


Deventer Burgerscap
Portray: Deventer, 1370
Located: The Netherlands
Subgroup of 'Die Landen van Herwaerts Over', which is based in Dordrecht ...

The Medieval Combat Society
Portray: England, 1327-1377
Located: South/Central England

De Liebaart
Portray: Bruges, 1302

La Belle Compagnie
Portray: England and France, 1337 to 1453
Located: USA

Ye Compaynye Of Cheualrye (The Company of Chivalry)
Portray: England, 1370
Located: Wales, UK

Elvelüüt Hamborch
Portray Hamburg, 1375-1425
Located: Hamburg?

From Deventer Burgerscap's links:

Primo Pensio 1300-1400
Mensch im Mittelalter 1340
Goedendag 1340-1360
Historia Peregrini 1350
Diu Minnezit 1350 (o.a.)
Compagnia di Porta Giovia 1351
Miles Rafenstain et Servitus 1360-1400
Mercatura Hanseatica 1360-1400
Fraternis Militia Carnis 1360-1420
Albrecht's Bössor 1363-1389
Company of Chivalry 1370
Compaignye du Chalis 1370-1420

Leben und Handwerk 1380 (a.o.)Amisia1380 1380 (a.o.)
Nürnberg 1380 1380-1400
De Moneta 1380-1400
Ad Multos Annos 1380-1400 (a.o.)
Slote Riklinge 1380-1420
Erpyngham Retinue 1380-1420
More Majorum 1386
Margretes Frie Lanser 1397
Frilansene 1397-1434
Compagnie de Saint-Martin 1404-1419
Gesellschaft des Elefanten 1406-1426
Ulrich von Starkenberg 1410-1436
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Re: List of C14th Re-enactment Groups

Post by noslrak » Sun Sep 13, 2009 11:48 am

Enterprise of the Black Garter
Portray: Focus is on hosting Formal Hastiludes (Deed of Arms)
Located: Melbourne, Vic, Australia

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