The Company of the Staple Inc is a modern entity formed for re-enacting activities associated with The Company of the Great Staple at Calais as it was in the year 1376. The point here was that there was a real Company of the Staple, not to be confused with the modern re-enactment entity The Company of the Staple Inc.

We try to re-enact life in Calais in 1376 as accurately as possible. Some concessions must be made to for safety (lead-free cutlery etc) but where-ever possible, members are expected to aspire to the highest standards. The group undertakes crafts such as tailoring, weaving, spinning, dying, cordwaining, pursemaking, girdling, cooking (and dining) and many others.

The Company of the Staple Incorporated is a not-for-profit entity incorporated in 2008 in NSW, Australia.