Master List

Master list of recipe reductions, workshop notes and other research accumulated by Company of the Staple members.

Workshop Notes

Cooking and Dining

Fish and ‘Sort-of’ Fish

Feasts for Beginners

Mistakes were made – Cooking mistakes


Cheese Castle Subtlety

Cooking With Ceramics

Campfire Cooking – 20 people for a lunch event

Tips for using medieval bellows

Campfire Cooking with Ceramics – Symposium Notes

Reducing Food Waste at Feasts

               Cooking for 127 people over a campfire for a two day event


Blacktown Medieval Fair 2018 Lunch Menu

St Ives 2018 Menu

Blacktown Medieval Fair 2019 Lunch Menu

                St Ives 2019 Menu


Clothing and Accessory guidelines for a living history event

Finger Loop Braiding for Beginners

Fun Things to do with hoods



Patching A Turnshoe Sole

Making Coad

Making Coad (video)

Medieval Leather Sewing Tools (video)


Basic Knots for Historical Camping

One Less Thing to hide – Washing Up

How to be Helpful in a medieval kitchen

Creating a Persona

Knight for Hire meets Company of the Staple (Video)

Research Articles



Making A Medieval Fire (video)

Group Knives


Leather Mittens (Fire glove)

Tucking your dress into your belt

Dying with Indigo

What colour were medieval clothes?


Flax to Linen

Mail Armour Research for the re-enactor

Reference List 




Bockstan Man shoes

Recipe Redactions

From of Curye – England

Sage yfarcet

Sambocade (Veg)

Chyches (Spiced Roasted Chickpeas) (Vegan)

Fenkel in Soppes(veg)

Tart in Ymber Day (Veg)

Tart de Bry (Veg)

Apple Tart (Veg)

Benes Yfryed (Vegan)

Cheese Fritters (Veg)

Crustardes in Flessh (Chicken and Currant Pie)

Pork and Small Birds

Le Menagier de Paris – France

Lamb Haricot

Mushroom Pastries (Veg)

Spinach Tart (Veg)



Wafers Part 2

Ein Buch Guten Spice – German

Heidenische Kuchen (Heathen Cakes)

Libro di Cucina – Italian

Garlic Tart

Original Amalgamation of Recipes

Roxy’s Breakfast Tart


Articles Written by Staple Members for other Websites

How to get rid of mould from a canvas tent


List of Other 14th Century Re-enactment Groups in Australia

14th Century Reenactment Groups in Australia