Cheese Fritters – Forme of Curye

Cheese Fritters – Forme of Cury

(Le Menagier de Paris also has a variation on the cheese fritter although that recipes involves a slightly harder cheese and cutting it into sticks and frying it.)

Take cruddles and presse out the whey clene; do therto sum whyet of ayren. Fry hem as to fore, and lay on sugur and messe forth.


2 cups fresh curd (or a ricotta or cottage cheese)

4-5 egg whites

? cup flour

½ tsp salt

oil for frying

½ cup sugar


If using fresh cheese, drain and press out the whey. Otherwise beat cheese, egg whites, flour and salt together, using enough flour to make a thick batter. Drop this mixture by spoonfuls into the hot oil or fat and cook long enough to brown slightly. Drain onto a tea towel, sprinkle with sugar before serving.


I normally don’t bother with the sugar, they taste pretty good without it. Make sure you have a blanket, don’t put an oil fire out with water. Only attempt this if you have a fairly study trivet for your saucepan.


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