St Ives Menu 2019

Friday Saturday Sunday Monday
Breakfast Porridge Porridge
Erbolat (Breakfast Tart) (Breakfast Tart)
Bread and honey Bread and honey
Stewed fruit
Snacks Fruit Fruit
Almonds Almonds
Boiled eggs Boiled eggs
Lunch Cold meats and cheeses Cold meats and cheeses
Crustards of Flesch Crustards of Flesch
Green Vegetable Torta Green Vegetable Torta
Fruit tarts Fruit tarts
Afternoon snack Flatbreads
Leftover cold spread
Dinner Soup Kitchen: Chicken Cominy Beef done as Venison
Pease pottage Golden Blamanger Bread
(with or without ham) Spynoches yfryed Cabbage in the german style
Fennel in Soppes A dish of new peas
Sambocade Perys in confyt


Image is of Saturday lunch at the Ku-ring-gai Council St Ives Medieval Fair. Photo taken by Shawn Sjinstra.

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