Blacktown Menu 2019

We had a fantastic time at Blacktown Medieval Fair 2019 at Nurragingy Reserve again. We cooked for about 30 people over both days.


Both Saturday Sunday
Fruit Spinach and Cheese pies Sambocade (qtd)
Bread Chicken Pie Chicken Meatballs
Cheese Pork and Apple pie Pork and Chicken Pie
Salami Ham Roast Beef
Pickled Garlic Lamb Harricot
Chicken in Almond Milk
Quince Marmalade Fennel in Soppes Leeks in soppes
Hard Boiled Eggs Beans yfryd Spynach yfryd
Fruit Pies(quartered)
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St Ives Medieval Fair Menu – 2018

Once again Company of the Staple were the hosts of the 14th century village and provided the skills and know-how for creating the delicious food which the 14th century ate all weekend, freeing people up to talk about their passions in the 14th century to our public.

Featured image is by Gareth CarrĀ @gcimagery. 14th century cooking set up at St IvesĀ Medieval Fair 2018

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Roxy’s Breakfast Egg Tart

This year, as it has for the past three years now, Company of the Staple will be cooking, and feeding 150 people over the course of a weekend event. While talking to the public about the cooking and medieval food. (And many many other things.)

One of the challenges given to me is to find a better way to cook breakfast. Because trying to cook a breakfast for over a hundred people when you only have a campfire and anything that you were able to precook in your residential kitchen, is quite frankly, an absolute nightmare.

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