Campfire Cooking – 20 People for a Lunch Event

Company of the Staple loves to cook. We’ve been having a lunch display since our first event, working our way up from bringing bread, cheeses, and cold cuts, to pre-making tarts and pies, up to cooking our lunch over a fire on the display. We’ve had a lot of practice, and made many mistakes along the way. We’ve also learned a lot by asking about the the mistakes of others.

In turn, we get asked a lot of questions by other people about cooking on our display and how we make it work, so we’ve compiled a document to answer common questions, and maybe help to save you making our mistakes again. (“How could you forget the ham for ‘pea and ham soup’?” “Well, it was on a different shelf  of the fridge, so I didn’t see it…”)

This document is aimed at living history groups who do demonstration events at medieval fairs and the like, and want to cook their own food, in a period way, as a part of that display.

We’re still learning and trying out new recipes, techniques, trying to make things better and easier, so this document is continually updating. Hopefully, it’s a good starting point for other people who want to try the exciting and rewarding (and delicious!) world of medieval campfire cooking. Queue no longer for the gozleme stand!

Link: Company of the Staple – Campfire Cooking


Image is Banquet given in Paris in 1378 by Charles V of France  for Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor (left) and his son Wenceslaus, King of the Romans. Each diner has two knives, a square salt container, napkin, bread and a plate; by Jean Fouquet, 1455–60.

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