Tart de Bry – Forme of Curye

Take a Crust ynche depe in a trape. take zolkes of Ayren rawe & chese ruayn [2]. & medle it & þe zolkes togyder. and do þerto powdour gyngur. sugur. safroun. and salt. do it in a trape, bake it and serue it forth.

[1] de Bry. Qu. Brie, the country. [2] Chese ruayn. Qu. of Roisen. V. ad 49.

From the Gutenberg Transcription



Take a pie dish and put pastry in it about an inch deep. Mix egg yolks and cheese together and add powdered ginger, sugar, saffron and salt. Put the ingrediants into the pastry, bake it and serve it forth.


500g of cottage cheese

3 egg yolks

1/2 tsp of powder ginger

75g of sugar

1 tsp of salt

1 pinch of saffron strands (7-8 strands)

Pastry for 2x 9inch pies

Put the pastry in a pie dish. put the saffron in  a small dish and add a tablespoon of hot water. Let this seep while you mix the other 5 ingrediants together. Then add the saffron water and strands and mix well together. Put it in the pastry dishes (filling about 3 quarters of the way up) and bake at 180 for half an hour.


Story time

This is another one of those recipes which has changed for Staple as members have learnt more about medieval cooking. Tart de Bry is actually one of the very first recipes that Staple recreated, and it’s evolved a lot over time.

Initially, the cheese used was entirely Brie. Because it’s in the name right? There is a version of Tart de Bry which calls for the cheese to be grated, but I actually think that that’s likely to be a transcription error from “medle” which is definitely “mixed well”.

After that, we cut the brie 50/50 with tasty cheese and removed the saffron, because you basically couldn’t taste it with the strong flavours from the brie and the tasty. Plus, it made the pie a lot cheaper.

And finally, we read various research which indicated that the pie was probably a white, soft cheese, which would allow the saffron colour and flavour to really stand out. I’ve basically made a saffron version of the Sambocade, which is pretty similar.








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