Basic Knots for Historical Camping – Workshop Notes

The Workshop

There are many workshops on knots available to re-enactors at events, but I often find they explore many types of fascinating knots without people really learning anything they can remember and apply later.

So, when I came to formulate an hour of knot instruction, I pared it down to just 5 very simple knots, based on how much I wish members of our own camp knew them. This fits neatly on a double sided handout to take away for later reference.

The Handout

Download Here

The Knots

links to instructions on Grog’s Animated Knots site

And Then?

For a longer class, or as a follow-up class, I’d look at splicing (back splice and eye splice)

For further exploration, I can highly recommend ‘Handy Knots for Reenactors’ by¬†Alasdair Muckart/William de Wyke, which I will link when it is available online. In the meantime, I encourage you to bother him for a copy ( until he publishes the handout or asks me to desist.

Another great online reference is Grog’s Animated Knots, where you can learn a great many knots with clear animated examples.

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