Mail Armour Research for the Re-enactor

Here is a collection of useful articles, papers and resources for re-enactors looking to use mail armour. Whether you’re building from scratch or modifying commercially available mail armour, most re-enactors can benefit from some extra information on how their mail is supposed to work and how it should be shaped.

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What Colour were Medieval Clothes?

Whether you’re having your medieval clothes made, or buying fabric to make them yourself, the first question new re-enactors ask is “What colour should my clothes be?” The correct, but unhelpful, answer is “It depends”. It depends on the precise period of history, the place, the socio-economic status, the profession etc of the person you’re portraying.

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Patching a Turnshoe Sole

When my turnshoes wore through, I wanted to patch them to extend the working life of the shoe and save quickly wearing another hole through my wool hose.

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Clothing and Accessory Guidelines for a Living History Event

A few years ago, we found ourselves in need of some basic do’s and don’ts for personal clothing and accessories for a living history event. I’m publishing them here in case they are of use to a broader audience, and to submit them for criticism.

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