Benes Yfryed – Forme of Curye


Take benes and seeþ hem almost til þey bersten. take and wryng out þer water clene. do þerto Oynouns ysode and ymynced. and garlec þerwith. frye hem in oile. oþer in grece. & do þerto powdour douce. & serue it forth.

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Sambocade – Form of Curye

A favourite of Company of the Staple’s Sambocade makes a delicious dessert. Effectively, it’s an elderflower cheese cake.


Original recipe from Forme of Cury

Sambocade. Take and make a crust in a trap and take cruddes and wryng out the wheyze and drawe hem thurgh a straynour and put hit in the crust. Do thereto sugar the thridde part, and somnodel Whyte of aren and shake therein blooms of Ellen and bake it up with euros and Messe it forth.

My translation: Take and make some pastry and put in in a trap [open pie case] and take [cheese] curds and wring out the whey and draw it through a strainer and put it in the pastry. Mix Sugar and egg whites and shake fresh blooms of elderflower in top, bake it with rosewater and serve it forth.


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Spinach Tart – Le Menagier de Paris

Good vegetarian dishes are always on my list to find new recipes and try them out. This leafy green and cheese pie from Le Manager De Paris looks like it’ll fit the bill perfectly!

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