Tucking your dress into your belt – Sources

It can be quite easy to fall into re-enactorisms. “Why are you doing it like that?” “Oh, because so-and-so does it like this”

So my goal for 2018 is to document all the little things where when someone asks us “and why do you do it like that?”

I’m starting off with a fairly light-hearted subject -tucking your dress into your belt while you work.

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Clothing and Accessory Guidelines for a Living History Event

A few years ago, we found ourselves in need of some basic do’s and don’ts for personal clothing and accessories for a living history event. I’m publishing them here in case they are of use to a broader audience, and to submit them for criticism.

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Fingerloop Braiding for Beginners

Fingerloop braiding was used in the late medieval period to produce lacing, hose ties, purse strings, seal tags and similar items. It’s also easy to learn, faintly addictive, and adds to your re-enactor cred.

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Fun Things to Do with Hoods

Medieval Hoods are great for keeping your head warm. You can wear them in many silly ways and here are some other things you can use them for…

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