Blackboard Quote

“It seems to me that your table is like a chalkboard that children draw all over, wash down, and then start again”

Letter to Francesco Datini, 1395

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Quince Marmalade – Le Menagier De Paris

TO MAKE QUINCE MARMALADE, take quinces and peel them, then cut in quarters and take out the eye[114] and the seeds, then cook them in good red wine and then strain through a strainer: then take honey and boil it for a long time and skim it, then put your quinces in it and stir thoroughly, and keep boiling until the honey is reduced by half; then throw in powdered hippocras, and stir till cold, then divide into portions and keep it.

Le Menagier de Paris Online

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Lamb Haricot – Le Menagier de Paris

HARICOT of MUTTON. Cut it into small pieces, then bring it just to the boil, then fry in bacon grease, and fry with onions chopped small and cooked, and mix in beef stock, and add mace, parsley, hyssop and sage, and put it on to boil together.

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Picnic at Petersham Park

We had such a great time at the last picnic, that we’re doing a second one, but this time at Petersham Park, Petersham from 11am – 3pm.

Co. Staple and Friends will be meeting in Petersham Park for a pot-luck picnic, some hand-craft and talking all things C14th living history.

Bring a sandwich, or a plate, and come and say hi!

Modern clothes and picnic – not a period event.

Bring hand crafts, research materials or whatever C14th stuff you’re into right now.

It’s free, it’s kid friendly and it’s open to all.

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Cheese Fritters – Forme of Curye

Cheese Fritters – Forme of Cury

(Le Menagier de Paris also has a variation on the cheese fritter although that recipes involves a slightly harder cheese and cutting it into sticks and frying it.)

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